Having Fun with HTML

When I bought this domain name, it came with 3 free web pages. I simply selected a template and added a few photos. It was very easy to set up. I also wanted a blog, so I created this on Blogger and set it up on a subdomain. That took a little more work. I had to familiarize myself with concepts such as domain mapping and nameservers.

I had fun with that, which is why I created these two nameplate websites. I used a free web host with a site builder.

a nameplate website I made using a website builder

a nameplate website I made using a website builder

My other domain name included a hosting package without a site builder. I thought about using Wordpress (the self-hosted version), but I couldn't because my tiny hosting plan didn't include SQL. Instead, I used a free editor called KompoZer and created this simple page.

a simple website I made using Kompozer, ,a free WYSIWYG HTML and CSS editor editor

It looks rather plain, I know, but it's much better than a parked page, right?

The problem with KompoZer is that I couldn't get the Google+ community badge to appear because it kept deleting part of the code.  I had to edit the HTML using a text editor. I also learned a little about using CSS.

I plan on giving subdomains and email addresses to my relatives. To show them what they can do with a subdomain, I made this Tumblr blog using one of the free themes. I was able to add a couple of widgets because Tumblr allows us to modify the HTML code.

a nameplate website I made and hosted on Tumblr

I enjoyed this so much that I've decided to revamp my website. I want to play around with CSS, perhaps even make my website mobile-friendly (according to the Google Mobile-Friendly Test, it wasn't). I can't edit the HTML on my free web pages, however, so I'm going to host it somewhere else.

Don't get me wrong, I love my registrar. Their rates are reasonable and they provide excellent support. They even gave me a free domain during their 15th anniversary celebration. Unfortunately, right now I can't afford to pay for hosting.

I'm probably going to use Tumblr. If you are aware of another free web host that lets you customize the HTML code and map domains for free, please let me know.

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